Fill Your Brain with Beauty

  Get into your happy place. Imagine a garden filled with flowers. Hummingbird? Check. Bees? Check. A gorgeous lover awaiting you with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, check. Tree leaves catching shimmer in late Fall sunshine. Check. You cuddle up with a journal and your favorite pen of all time—finally, to write, reflect,Read More


Everything you need? Inside.

Imagine this… You have $25 million dollars in the bank (but you never use it because money has become obsolete) You’re completely healthy and there’s no such thing as climate change. Bees are healthy. There are no such things as pesticides. Cancer has been eradicated with a natural medicine and there are no side effects.Read More


The Mind-Body-Spirit of Success: Why Persistence is the Best Daily Practice

As a strategist for business and creatives, I find that persistence in perspective separates the most successful and happy folks from those who may be financially successful but inherently insecure in what they are here to offer the world. What does that mean? That having a clear and consistent point of view is the keyRead More


The Mind-Body-Spirit of Success: Sometimes Playing Small is the Biggest Thing You Can Do

Sometimes I dream up a new business, juicy idea, or audacious goal, and then I check the news and see the suffering in the world and lose my motivation to build, as all of my thoughts go straight to: Repair. Fix. Change. Can you relate? I just got off the phone with my author, JonRead More


3 Important Lessons About Success from Oprah’s Favorite Guest of All Time

  There are times when our lives are touched by angels, and the lessons they teach us are meant to permeate every action we take as we traverse the journey of our lives. Meeting and working with Dr. Tererai Trent on her new book, The Awakened Woman, has taught me the power of positive thinking in waysRead More


The Mind-Body-Spirit of Success: What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

I was once engaged to a romantic, handsome, wealthy, poetry-writing man. It was the early days of the tea company, and I had little in the way of resources. I’d get a poem and a plane ticket on a Friday afternoon in my inbox. He’d take me to Hawaii on a whim. He’d secretly payRead More


Are You Worth a Room of Your Own?

  “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” –Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf once said a woman has to have money and a room of her own to write fiction, I’d like to revise the notion now that we’ve got the internet and times have really changed. I say we do need space of our own, aRead More

How to Know When to End Things

Learning to be at home with yourself in the uncertain moments is the highest achievement you can accomplish in this lifetime. Endings are a thing, even a place, where you are guaranteed a workout in uncertainty. Some of us avoid endings, and some of us welcome them. The thrill seekers choose endings regularly, while mostRead More

Healing the Great Divide

  A couple years ago, I had a near psychological meltdown. The fires and drought in my home state were evidence that life was changing and water would soon be more valuable than any other element on earth. I was dealing with more drama with Sage’s dad than ever and it was tearing our familyRead More

Imagination is Everything Love

Things I do for money, and other (diversified) love stories

  Warning: I am going to use “I” a lot in this post. Not because I have a huge ego, but because I’m using my life as your laboratory this week. I’m sharing things I haven’t shared before, and so there’s a lot of the pronoun I. Here we go! I wake up early andRead More