Are You Worth a Room of Your Own?

  “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” –Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf once said a woman has to have money and a room of her own to write fiction, I’d like to revise the notion now that we’ve got the internet and times have really changed. I say we do need space of our own, aRead More

How to Know When to End Things

Learning to be at home with yourself in the uncertain moments is the highest achievement you can accomplish in this lifetime. Endings are a thing, even a place, where you are guaranteed a workout in uncertainty. Some of us avoid endings, and some of us welcome them. The thrill seekers choose endings regularly, while mostRead More

Healing the Great Divide

  A couple years ago, I had a near psychological meltdown. The fires and drought in my home state were evidence that life was changing and water would soon be more valuable than any other element on earth. I was dealing with more drama with Sage’s dad than ever and it was tearing our familyRead More

Imagination is Everything Love

Things I do for money, and other (diversified) love stories

  Warning: I am going to use “I” a lot in this post. Not because I have a huge ego, but because I’m using my life as your laboratory this week. I’m sharing things I haven’t shared before, and so there’s a lot of the pronoun I. Here we go! I wake up early andRead More

Success is in the Details

Success is in the Details

  When I feel like I’m not sure of my next move, I have a practice I call Love in Detail (which is also my next book). I will take notice of all the details around me, bring awareness to the love that is inherently found in my point of view, breath, and then takeRead More


How Your Stories Either Make You Rock or Languish

I don’t know about you, but I love stories. I love reading them, watching them, writing them and making them up for future novels and screenplays I’ll someday write. Stories are the very fabric of our experience here on earth. We remember the ones that uplift or scare us, and we tell and share theRead More


Create Spaciousness as a Way to Success

  A lot of people ask me how I get so much done, and I jokingly reply: Caffeine! But, there’s another trick to being productive I want to share with you now, one that I usually don’t talk a lot about: Daydreaming, and for extended periods of time. The secret to success is… Spacing OutRead More

Mind-Body-Success: The Moving Meditation Called LIFE

Ten years ago, I went to a ten-day silent meditation retreat called Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka. What I learned was simple, excruciating, and mind-blowing—literally. While I recommend you do this retreat, it’s not realistic for the majority of us to go away for ten days with no contact with the outside world…but, theseRead More


Welcome, Monday, we missed you.

Mondays used to mean I would have to kiss Sunday goodbye and enter the world of supermarket sales and moving tea through distribution channels. Mondays also used to mean I was exhausted because I had usually worked a trade show or caught up on marketing over the weekend. Running Zhena’s Gypsy Tea was fun, butRead More

A few thoughts on writing…

A few thoughts on writing… Bali Journal It rained all day in Nusa Lembongan. The Mangroves swayed in the rising full moon tides. As the tide receded in the late afternoon, I could see only remnants of rebar and rope, a cemetery of coastline, destroyed by the seaweed harvests for the Japanese beauty market. AsRead More