Welcome, Monday, we missed you.

Mondays used to mean I would have to kiss Sunday goodbye and enter the world of supermarket sales and moving tea through distribution channels. Mondays also used to mean I was exhausted because I had usually worked a trade show or caught up on marketing over the weekend. Running Zhena’s Gypsy Tea was fun, butRead More

A few thoughts on writing…

A few thoughts on writing… Bali Journal It rained all day in Nusa Lembongan. The Mangroves swayed in the rising full moon tides. As the tide receded in the late afternoon, I could see only remnants of rebar and rope, a cemetery of coastline, destroyed by the seaweed harvests for the Japanese beauty market. AsRead More

Some Thoughts on Civilization

Some thoughts on civilization. Bali Journal #2 We’ve never been in this territory before. It’s loud and overcrowded, there is construction everywhere. A steady flow of traffic is heading somewhere we can’t see. The new Ritz Carlton is going up where the monkeys used to dwell. The owners of the villa are a young BulgarianRead More

Being a Mother to Others

Some thoughts on being a mother to others. A blog post from Bali. (and the result of three cups of Bali Coffee.) *** “We’re eating noodle soup in Taipei, see you this afternoon!” Butterflies hit my belly like leaves in wind—strong, soft, tangled. Poignancy is a word that could replace pregnancy, as it sums upRead More

The Ego and the Soul

Dear Ones, some thoughts… The ego and the soul At once, the ego jumps to a solution. It levels the odds, bridges the divide, and saves the world. The ego polishes the silver and counts the money. It wants what it wants the way it wants it. It defends its home, city and views withRead More

Visionary Women April 29th

Be Inspired. Be Enlivened. Be You.   Join Zhena some of the world’s most successful online and offline entrepreneurs, female CEO’s, and global coaches in this one-day, joy-filled, information-infused leadership gathering in the fun and funky Narrative Loft on April 29th in Santa Barbara. Guaranteed to be fun with inspiring, rockstar-level 20-minute talks, mingling sessions,Read More

Bali Writer’s Escape – June 2017

  Yoga.Meditation.Writing.Bali Zhena is hosting an exclusive group of writers for a transformative experience in Ubud, Bali on June 18th to the 24th, 2017. We’re taking the power of Zhena’s Author’s Academy and combining it with the lush, exotic, inspiring energy of Bali. Throughout the week we will workshop your book and you will have accessRead More

Mastermind Invitation

  Finish Your Book in 6 Months!   While we all have great intentions to write and complete our books — it often feels daunting when we are not in community!  Many members of our tribe have requested mentoring, mastermind access, and/or literary consulting, as well as to continue the connections some have made throughRead More

Marrying Donald Trump

Last night I awoke in a long, elaborate dream that lasted the entire time I was asleep. In the dream, I was dropped into an engagement with Donald Trump. By engaged, I mean–TO BE MARRIED. In the dream it was Monday, our wedding was slated for that Friday. Married. To Donald Trump. WTF. In theRead More

Autopilot Inner Conversations & Permission to Rest

After a month in Bali, I promised I’d return to work and pace myself with better discernment. I’d say No more often. I’d intersperse delicious bouts of rest into my work days and linger in the gratitude and grace that was my reality in Bali. After a week and a half home, I discovered an autopilot programRead More