Harmonizing Creativity, Passion & Vision with Ability, Focus & Expertise.


Starting and growing a business takes diligence, clarity, vision, and an ability to make remarkable strides toward possibility.

Zhena consults with women-led enterprises, socially responsible start-ups, and high-impact nonprofits to create growth, engagement, new products, and enhanced positive impact in the world. Zhena believes women are the key to healing and changing the world, creating peace in the workforce, and ending poverty through conscious commerce.

As a single mother, Zhena began and grew the first 100% fair trade certified tea company (Zhena’s Gypsy Tea) in the US. She pioneered fair trade in the mass market grocery world of Kroger, Wal-Mart, Safeway, and drugstores throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia. Through finding a way to communicate the importance of ending poverty for tea workers, she formed alliances with retailers, suppliers, media, investors and consumers to grow her small brand from $6 to millions in annual revenue. She exited the company in 2013 but still holds an equity stake.

Zhena currently consults with Atria Books/ Simon & Schuster as the publisher-at-large of the new socially responsible publishing division for mission-driven authors: Enliven Books. She is working to shift paradigms in publishing so that authors, booksellers, and readers can make a positive impact on the environment and social causes through the books they write, sell and buy. Empowered authors, passionate publishers, and cherished, supported booksellers bring ideas to readers–and those ideas can heal and change the world.

Zhena facilitates:
Branding. Either to create a personal brand for you or your company and/or products & offerings
Creation of new products based on your values & the market to expand a current business
Launch products into the market: Retail, online & direct to customer
Building a user-experience based web presence
Team building for harmony, success and shared vision
Messaging to customers and potential customers
Financing: Zhena can guide your business plan writing, and Angel, VC, PE, or bank funding pitch deck
Exit Strategies: How you end things is more important than how you begin them–exit with grace.

Consulting is done via weekly and/or monthly executive support calls and in-person sessions when specific arrangements are made.

Due to her focus at Enliven Books, Zhena’s current client list is limited by design. If you’d like to book a one-time call, would like to book a 10-week intensive consulting series, or a monthly consulting session with Zhena, please send information about yourself and your company to Thomas@Zhena.TV

Initial calls will be scheduled within 2 weeks of booking. We do not recommend booking a 10 session package until after your initial call with Zhena. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase and refund any remaining balance after the first three sessions of consulting packages.

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