Empowered Author’s Academy

September 9 & 10, 2017

Empowered Author’s Academy is a 2-day in-person writing retreat with author of Life by the Cup, Zhena Muzyka along with guest speakers: Editors, NYT Bestselling authors, and book publicists. Give us a weekend, we’ll give you years of knowledge and a clarified plan to publication success!

What You’ll Accomplish:

  • You’ll write the first, (second, or third) draft of your book proposal or your book launch plan (hint: your proposal is your launch plan!) with guidance of other successful authors, editors, and Zhena.
  • You’ll get clear on your book’s audience & how to find them.
  • You’ll gain a deep understanding of book marketing in the digital age.
  • You’ll learn how to navigate the publishing industry: Agents, editors, publishers, booksellers, and readers.
  • You’ll uncover more knowledge of yourself, increase your motivation, and clarify your book’s mission–all of which will obliterate fear so you can GSD. (Code word: you can google it :))

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Who is this for?

  • First-time authors
  • Already published authors looking for ways to increase book sales
  • Self-published authors or those planning to self-publish
  • Authors who want to write a solid marketing and business plan for their book launch
  • Authors seeking a traditional publishing deal
  • Anyone with a dream to write and publish a book


Author’s Academy Testimonials:

“I am so glad I attended Zhena’s academy. It was fun, incredibly informative, and pushed me into the right path for my next step in this incredible journey. Thank you, Zhena!”

 ~ Susan S. Calabasas, CA

“Zhena’s Author Academy has exceeded all of my expectations. She has generously pulled back the curtain and showed how the publishing world can work for new authors. With this information, I am now ready to begin my writing journey!”

~ Dani B. Carpinteria, CA

“It was like getting a PHD in book publishing.  Zhena over delivers with a generosity of spirit and love. The in’s and out’s of everything you need to bring you back to the world from your heart.”

~ Rikka Zimmerman, Santa Barbara, CA

“Zhena’s Author Academy opened my eyes to the reality, joy, and accessibility of being a published author. Her warm heart and spirit came across in everything we learned and it was absolutely inspiring.”

~ Aleesa Daley, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Zhena, for opening my heart to share my story. And also for empowering me to take action by sharing your knowledge and valuable experiences. All with a blanket of love and a one of a kind Zhena magic!”

~ Donna A., Torrance, CA

“Zhena’s Author Academy packed weeks of course work on book publishing and marketing into a two day workshop. Not only did the academy deliver on the nuts and bolts of the industry but empowered me to move forward as a conscious creator with confidence and free of self-doubt”

~ Kim P., Santiago, Chile

“I LOVED Zhena’s sharing of her experiences of wisdom. She gave me a clear and concise picture of what a publisher will look for in a book proposal and has guided and empowered me to finish my book.”

~ John Burgos, Santa Barbara, CA


Book Publishing & Marketing Demystified

If you aspire to publish a book or have published a book and want to learn best practices and create a plan for marketing your work, join Zhena and other publishing experts for this weekend workshop.

You will learn:

  • The writing secrets of published authors
  • The 10 elements of a winning book proposal
  • How to build your platform with social media, blogging, website, marketing partners & corporate sponsors
  • How to market your books to booksellers–even if you have a publisher, this is more important than ever!
  • All about book tours, events, partners, book clubs, and selling to corporations
  • How to share your book in authentic ways & find your readers
  • What you will need to do and what your publisher will do
  • When it’s best to self-publish and when it’s best to publish traditionally
  • Creating products from your book and creating ways to build your business with your book
  • Author Care: this is a marathon, you need to train. How to care for your mind-body-spirit during the book writing & marketing marathon
  • How to write and optimize your book proposal for agents, editors, publishers, and for your own marketing plan. Even if you don’t sell your book to a publisher, this plan is your roadmap to self-publishing success.
  • Zhena will share precious writing tips & resources for marketing your book.
  • Empower yourself with the knowledge of the publishing industry–nuts and bolts, money matters, what to expect from agents and editors, along with how advances and royalties work.
  • How the business of publishing works in the 21st century: Ebooks, self-publishing, outreach to publicity and reviewers, and more.
  • Learn techniques for discoverability: SEO, Blog links, guest blogging, and your website strategy for opt-ins.
  • How to attract an aligned readership to your book in authentic, organic and powerful ways
  • How partnering with your publisher can lead to long-term success.
  • A template for a successful book proposal– AND the first draft of your completed proposal!
  • A template for a successful marketing plan–three years in the making.
  • Feedback on your book: title, tagline, subject matter and how best to market your book to find your audience
  • Time-saving tips for social media building
  • Publicity strategies

This workshop is for a limited small group, in an intimate setting so that we may dig into each book proposal or book marketing plan. Please purchase your ticket or contact us right away with questions to ensure you have your seat.

Don’t wait another year, make this year yours.

Investment: $497 Early Bird 

Includes all materials, templates, marketing plan template, and a private Facebook support group for ongoing support.


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Just Added!! We are also offering a live streaming feed from Empowered Authors Academy. You can watch a live feed from your home and learn all about the publishing business.  It includes all the same materials, templates, marketing plan template, and a private Facebook support group for ongoing support as attending live for only $297.00.

Questions please contact customercare@Zhena.TV

All live & streaming events are non-refundable. View return policy here

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