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Queen Maker • Business Mystic • Soul Strategist • Publisher • Mentor
I built a multi-million-dollar brand from my kitchen hobby.

I had no college degree, no golden “Rolodex,” and no internet when I started. So, how did I do it? I had authentic expression, passion, purpose and an idea that uplifted and shimmied everyone I came across. Through the magic of divine order, clarified action, purpose-driven team building, passionate planning, and activated, focused authenticity I was able to blast past the competition AND help end poverty for thousands of tea workers.

I raised $8.5M in angel, venture, and collaborative capital from investors during the 2007/08 financial crash—not because the world needed another tea company, but because the mission and marketing of the tea company were so compelling. You see, we were educating the industry to bring fair trade products into grocers like Wal-Mart, Safeway, and Kroger, and all across America - all while fulfilling a mission to use the funds to build schools and homes for tea workers in Asia and South America.

Build your business to change the world.

I believe business has the greatest chance of healing the world for the better, and I believe entrepreneurs are the innovators who will bring solutions to humanity in challenging times. The world needs your voice and ideas, the world needs more conscious people to succeed. 

If you’re hoping to start or grow a brand, you will soon discover the deep importance of a clear mission that matches your soul’s evolutionary journey. To continue to be inspired daily as you grow your business takes perspective, mentoring, asking the right questions, and a hefty dose of savvy. 

Below you will find a list of my business and literary services, workshops and events. While much of my time is focused on Enliven Books, I take clients with a compelling idea, project, or desire to make a substantial difference in the world. Let’s chat if you’re interested in seeing if we’re a fit.

In Light,


Business Consulting Services

Zhena Consults One-on-One with Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches & Executives.

Her perspective and unexpected ideas have made her clients millions, and revolutionized industries through conscious, creative offerings.

What’s in a brand? Zhena will style and direct your branding top to bottom with her QUEENMAKING® process. Discover your voice, beam your beauty & create a visually captivating brand that brings you business joy & rockstar abundance.
Passionate Product Creation

Create a vision, plan, and then build and sell your first, or next, product with the mission dancing harmoniously with your desired lifestyle and the market. Zhena can name, design, and help you bring a product to market.


Zhena trains entrepreneurs, authors, and executives to give keynotes and interviews of a lifetime Learn how to stay on brand and promote your message with authenticity and gain confidence in your communication style.

Business Development

Zhena is a soul based strategist. Determine your attainable goals and construct a plan of action in order to bring them into fruition with Zhena coaching and guiding you along the way.

Web Presence and Platform
Create an addictively gorgeous & compelling web presence to attract your soul-mate clientele and readers. Zhena will architecturally build your brand with you and bring in the masters to help you build it.
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Literary Services

Zhena offers group editorial masterminds, writing retreats and one-on-one editorial consulting sessions to support and evolve your writing and your story.

She has helped hundreds of writers develop their stories, many have gone on to be published by New York publishing houses or through self-publishing. 
Book Conception Intensive
2-Day Book Positioning Intensive
9am - 6pm per day in Ojai or location of your choice
Find the story in your vision, structure it into a single book concept, and create a writing plan that is ambitious and realistic. Whether you're just beginning the writing process or already have a first draft, this is where Zhena will review what you have and provide the insights you need to transform a good book into one that is extraordinary!
Spend 2-days workshopping your ideas and structuring them into a book outline. You will receive full transcriptions of your time with Zhena and they can be used to create the content of your chapters. By the end of the intensive you'll obtain a clear strategy for the next steps to write the book and feel empowered with solid plan to grow your book's brand, graphics, and positioning. 
Editorial Consulting Sessions
50-90 Minute Call

Schedule an editorial call with Zhena to work on one specific area of your writing. Using years of experience as a creative and editorial advisor, Zhena will help you break through blocks to surface the message that is waiting to transpire.

Choose one of the following areas:

*Narrative Voice
*Story Structure
*Title Consultation
*Subtitle Consultation
*Idea Generation 
*Mythic Character Development
*Full Editorial Read and Letter
*Book Marketing

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Writing Mastermind
6-Month Editorial Mastermind
Once you have a coherent vision and writing plan, you're going to need support to get through it.  

It's a lot easier to overcome writing blocks and meeting your milestones when you have a team cheering you on
This is a sacred circle of writers who share and support each other with the editorial guidance of Zhena.
Ojai Writer's Retreat
March 30th - April 1st, 2018

Imagine yourself in an intimate circle of kindredsupportive creatives 
in the mystical mountains of the Ojai Valley.
In three long, luxurious days dedicated to your creative process, you will:
Learn the art of invoking your muse,
Discover the writing rituals of masters,
Meditate under the stars,
Write without distraction,
Share your work around a warm fire 

with those you’ll swear you’ve known for lifetimes.

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"Zhena over delivers with a generosity of spirit and love."

- Rikka Zimmerman
Adventure in Oneness

“Zhena has helped rally an ENTIRE INDUSTRY.”
-Paul Rice
CEO Fair Trade US

​”Zhena is a muse, mystic, and mentor to my writing. I am now an awakened author."

- Emma Mildon
Best Selling Author The Soul Searcher's Handbook: A Modern Girl's Guide to the New Age World
Zhena's Philosophy

"True power comes by shifting from a “being in control of” to a “being in service to” mindset."

"Shape your business to serve your life."

"When you express yourself to the world with conscious transparency, your trust and honesty will cast a light from within that is brighter than the sun."
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