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What is the destiny of your business?

Queen Maker

Create your forever brand, claim your throne!

Represent yourself as the empress you are. Write your story, own your authority, speak your truth, and share your experience as the sovereign woman you are. When you express yourself to the world with conscious transparency, your trust and honesty will cast a light from within that is brighter than the sun.

Zhena will guide you through a process to create YOUR brand, the singularly unique brand that goes beyond your business. She will give you tools to create a wider audience and increase the visibility of your particular style. Clear and conscious communication between you and your audience is the key to success in the current era and Zhena will spotlight your super features and show you how to leverage them to help you stand out.

Business Mystic

True power comes by shifting from a “being in control of” to a “being in service to” mindset.

There is a new definition of power. Outdated systems of control are being replaced with offerings of service to yourself and to the world. Serving is magic and it feeds your soul! Invite magic into your life and into your business to unleash the potential of greatness.

Zhena began her tea company with a deeply felt attitude of service. She wanted to supply her community with the highest quality tea and to end poverty for the tea workers in India. She ended up growing her small business to $6 million in annual revenue, as well as pioneering fairtrade business practices in the mass market grocery world of Wal-Mart and Safeway.

This is the magic of service.

Soul Strategy

Shape your business to serve your life.

No longer must you adapt your life to the business you hold. Zhena will help you visualize everything from the inside of your inner being and find where it meets your outside day-to-day life. You will begin to see where your soul flourishes with the outside world and gain the courage to change what is no longer serving you.


Other Areas of Support:

New Products created based on your values and the market to expand a current business
Launch products into the market: Retail, online & direct to customer
Building a user-experience based web presence
Team Building for harmony, success and shared vision
Messaging to customers and potential customers
Financing Zhena can guide your business plan writing, and Angel, VC, PE, or bank funding pitch deck
Exit Strategies How you end things is more important than how you begin them—exit with grace.

Consulting is done via weekly and/or monthly executive support calls and in-person sessions when specific arrangements are made.

Due to her focus at Enliven Books, Zhena’s current client list is limited by design. If you’d like to book a strategy session, please send information about yourself and your company to Samantha@Zhena.TV.


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