Finding Your Life's Purpose in the Idea that Everything is Yoga

When Your Life's Purpose is Currently the Laundry

Thu, Aug.28.2014
In our ongoing search for happiness, success and meaning, there is much to pursue. Yet, many of us are lucky if we can get the kids to school and the laundry done in time for the next load--what to do when your life's purpose feels like it's housework? Well, get comfortable with it, because everything is yoga.
The cure for doubt, and feelings of inadequacy in following your dream

The Cure for Feeling Like You're "Not Enough"

Tue, Aug.19.2014
Plagued by feelings of inadequacy? Holding back from following your dreams because you are convinced you are "not (fill in the blanks) enough?" It's a spell that's ready to be broken, here's how.
Gypsy Tea Party Tips

Throw your own Gypsy Tea Party!

Wed, Aug.13.2014
Tips for throwing a new kind of tea party!!
Author Academy

Another Exciting Announcement: Author Academy

Mon, Jul.21.2014
November 8th & 9th, Ojai CA If you aspire to publish a book, or have published a book and want to learn best practices and create a plan for marketing your book.
Conscious Loving with Gay and Katie Hendricks

My Secret to My BEST Marriage

Sat, Jul.19.2014
Conscious Loving with Gay and Katie Hendricks: My Secret to the BEST Relationship Now.

Exciting Announcement: Tea & Transformation Retreat

Thu, Jul.3.2014
Join Zhena, author of Life by the Cup: Ingredients for a Purpose-filled Life of Bottomless Happiness & Limitless Success for a 2-day wellness October 11-12, 2014
Make Time for Tea with Your Mate

Make Tea Time With Your Lover

Sat, May.31.2014
Tea as a means of intimacy? Making time for tea each morning became a crucial part of our day and before I knew it, tea time had become as important as dinnertime, more important than going on dates and almost as delicious as sex (well)...
5 Secrets of Inner Peace

5 Ancient Secrets for Modern Inner Peace

Tue, May.27.2014
Feeling stressed? Feel like others are always letting you down? Worried about the future? Here are 5 secrets of Kriya Yoga practitioners for increasing inner peace, decreasing negativity and being the You the world needs now.
Lessons from the 2014 California Women's Conference

4 Powerful Tools for Building a Meaningful Life

Wed, May.21.2014
How can you heal and change the world? Be yourself, take a stand, engage your heart and let your voice be heard! Lessons learned from this year's CA Women's Conference
3 Lessons from my Gypsy Grandmother

3 Lessons from my Gypsy Grandmother You Can Use Today

Sat, May.17.2014
Grandma Maria was Rom Gypsy, she kept it a secret, here are 3 lessons learned from the precious culture she hid from the world.

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