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The America Meditating Radio Show

“Nobody needed another tea company, but to have a tea company that helped the workers get out of poverty was exciting for people. With a mission to serve, you cannot fail”

Zhena interviewed by Sister Jenna on The America Meditating Radio Show.


Refinery 29

“It’s admittedly been a bit of a roller coaster,” Muzyka says, “but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She Went From Broke To Launching A Multi-Million Dollar Company.


She Talks

“Learning to Pivot”

With a sick child and no health insurance, the stakes for Zhena’s tea business to work couldn’t be higher. Her company stands out with a focus on ethical treatment of field workers. But after her own board forces her out of the company, she’ll have to pivot again. Zhena describes her rise, fall, and rise again.

“Desperate Measures Inspired This Mom to Live ‘Life by the Cup’”

Zhena Muzyka needed money for her son’s lifesaving surgery, so she launched Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Company and blended it into a thriving, purpose-driven brand. This is her story.

“Simon & Schuster to sell online courses”

The self-help author Zhena Muzyka in the paid online course she is producing with Simon & Schuster, her publisher.

“The healthiest teas to drink from morning to night”

For Zhena Muzyka, tea is a way of life. The author of “Life by the Cup: Ingredients for a Purpose-Filled Life of Bottomless Happiness and Limitless Success” began her love affair with tea because of her grandmother, who was a Gypsy in Ukraine.

“From Gypsy Tea Parties to Whole Foods Shelves”

Zhenas Gypsy Tea Founder and “Life By The Cup” Author Zhena Muzyka discusses her heritage and why Mark Wahlberg is interested in her memoir. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

“The social responsibility of business”

Life by the Cup’ author Zhena Muzyka on how her tea company got its start.

“Tea Entrepreneur and Author Zhena Muzyka Shares Her Thoughts on Life’s Challenges, Success, and Hollywood Opportunities”

Thirteen years ago, struggling single mom Zhena Muzyka founded Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Company as a means to support herself and her son Sage, who was born with special medical needs. Today, Muzyka’s son is healthy and she is the owner of a thriving, Fair Trade multimillion dollar business.

“Career advice you can sip by the cup”

Zhena Muzyka’s life always comes back to one thing: tea. The entrepreneur, who started with a simple tea cart, has made a living selling hand-crafted, fair-trade, artisan brews through her company Zhena’s Tea, which has become a multimillion-dollar company.

“Gypsy Tea Party Leaves Guests ‘Tea Drunk'”

A dozen years ago, when Zhena Muzyka was starting her line of teas, she didn’t have much money to promote the fledgling brand, let alone pay the rent on her cabin in Ojai, Calif. At the time, she was writing a book, still unfinished, about her gypsy grandmother. While researching the culture, “I took note that the gypsies would show up every time there was a birth or a wedding,” Ms. Muzyka said. “They just showed up to celebrate everything.”

“The Many Things to Love About Life by the Cup”

There are so many things to love about Zhena Muzyka’s autobiography Life by the Cup that you’ll want to read it slowly, savoring each chapter. Muzyka, who founded Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, started out as a single mom without enough money to pay her bills and transformed herself into a successful businesswoman with a thriving tea company. Life by the Cuptakes you on Muzyka’s journey to success, however, it isn’t your typical rags to riches story.

” Learning to ask for help, picking your battles and powerful women versus powerful men”

Zhena Muzyka, author of Life by the Cup, stops by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about her journey from poor single mother to successful author, entrepreneur and activist. We discussed learning to ask for help, picking your battles, powerful women versus powerful men, her gypsy heritage, growing her Gypsy Tea company, yurts, Ojai, raising money, motherhood, book widows, tarot cards and so much more.

“The Baker and the Tea Maker”

There are as many types of friendships as there are flavors on God’s green earth, but few carry the bittersweetness of those formed around the trials of single parenthood. The character that’s forged from such precious mettle can move mountains, and moving mountains is something Kate Dunbar and Zhena Muzyka have become pretty good at. Dunbar, The Baker from Ventura and Muzyka, The Tea Maker from Ojai, met more than a decade ago when they were both struggling single parents doing whatever was necessary to survive. Today, they are enjoying the fruits of their labor — together and individually.

“Episode 140: ZHENA Muzyka of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea”

ZHENA Muzyka, is an author, keynote speaker, mom and activist founder of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Fair Trade Tea. As a single mother with no money, Zhena started her business by selling tea out of a push cart with a $3,000 loan from her family. Eventually, she created an empire that does more than six million dollars in sales and it is now sold in over 10,000 locations across the country.

“Rags-to-Riches Tea Mistress Saga Picked Up By Mark Wahlberg’s Company”

INSPIRING: Mark Wahlberg’s production company has taken an option on “Life by the Cup: Confessions and Life Lessons of a Tea Mistress” — and no wonder. The true life story of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea owner Zhena Muzyka is steeped in color and drama.

CBS Local Markets

“Five Unexpected Uses for Tea”

Zhena Muzyka is the founder of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea and an inspirational speaker to women nationwide. Celebrated for her work in fair trade business practices, Zhena was named a Country LivingWomen Entrepreneur Honoree and has received the Enterprising Women of the Year award and the Socially Responsible Business award, among others. She lives in California with her family. Zhena’s inspiring story is told in her new book from Simon & Schuster, Life By The Cup, available everywhere books are sold.

“Savvy Mompreneurs Build Startups And Family”

Women-owned businesses in America number 7.8 million, according to the National Women’s Business Council. Lots of the owners built startups while they were changing diapers, nursing babies, helping with homework and tackling countless other mommy tasks. Mompreneurs are savvy at business and broods. Take their advice: Belly up. Aches and pains can turn into cool opportunities. Just add initiative. …

“Stories of Tea and Survival Lend Themselves to a New Venture”

When Zhena Muzyka was 24, she reached a difficult period in her life. Her son Sage was born with a kidney defect, and required surgery.  As a single mother, she struggled to pay the mounting medical bills, and things were looking grim. She reflected upon the strength of her grandmother and her family for inspiration.

“Zhena: Tea Entrepreneur, Author and Soon-to-Be TV Star?”

Inspiration comes to us in many ways. Some of us read a line that sets our minds on fire. Others meet someone special who serves as a mentor or offers encouragement or important tools. And sometimes, as was the case of Zhena Muzyka, there was no small amount of desperation in the decision to launch a business.

“From Tea Cart Gypsy to Inspiring Eco-preneur, Zhena Muzyka Motivates Women to Change and Heal the World”

Zhena Muzyka (music-a) was living off the grid in California and pursuing a writing career when she got pregnant with her first child, Sage, 13 years ago. The baby needed expensive surgeries to survive. With no health insurance and no cash, Muzyka drew upon core strengths: creativity, courage, and a deep knowledge of herbalism, aromatherapy and fine tea learned from her Gypsy grandmother. Charisma, charm and intuitive palm-reading skills didn’t hurt, either, as Muzyka began peddling custom-blended artisan teas in a Gypsy-themed street vendor’s cart.

“Robin Hood Laptop Project Turns Poverty Into Possibility for Sri Lankan Tea Plantation Girls”

Ecopreneur Zhena Muzyka, founder of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, has developed a remarkable program, The Robin Hood Laptop Project, to bridge this digital divide so that girls like Durga will have the option of choosing a higher education. Muzyka’s mission is to help women and girls get out of poverty and have better opportunities, and she says the Robin Hood Laptop Project is one way of accomplishing that. She’s careful not to overstate her role, however. “The Robin Hood Laptop Program is one way I can give back, but I don’t want to come across as a savior,” Muzyka says. “That’s not what this is about.”

“Zhena’s Gypsy Tea founder to keynote Top Women Award”

The Pacific Coast Business Times will celebrate its eighth class of outstanding tri-county business women at an April 17 event featuring keynote speaker Zhena Muzyka, founder of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Muyzyka founded the Ojai-based tea company in 2000 with $6 in her savings account and the modest goal of funding an operation to save her her son’s life. Embracing her Ukrainian Gypsy ancestry, she began by selling her custom tea blends on street corners. By 2008, the company notched $3.5 million in revenue.

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