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ZhenaTV is home to the tools you’ll need for your personal and professional activation. We create maps, encouragement, and talismans so you can heed your soul’s and the world’s call to action without getting lost along the way. While success looks today like getting the raise or winning the contract, soon that success will look much different. Learn to navigate, learn to consider, learn to see the world from the emerging perspective. Consider me, and us at ZhenaTV your wing girl, your soul ally, and that friend who’s got your back when you’re leaping further than you have ever leaped before.

Whether your dream is to save our clean water, create art that transforms, build a business that makes profits while serving humanity, and/or to raise your family in a clean environment, we will bring you inspiration, ideas, and action items to help you fulfill those dreams. Want to make a million dollars while cleaning plastic from the ocean? Great! We can create that reality, together, now.

Life on earth is Love in Detail, and to express our love through intentional action that uplifts, heals and changes the world is what we’re about here.

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