Writing Mastermind

6 Months to Finish Your Book!


Welcome to Zhena’s Writing Mastermind!  While we all have great intentions to write and complete our books — it often feels daunting when we are not in community.  This is a sacred circle of writers who share and support each other with the editorial guidance of Zhena.

If you are currently working on a book in the genres of self-help, motivational, how-to, or memoir, you are invited to join. Sessions will be held in Zhena’s office in Ojai and on livestream– there have been many successful mastermind groups formed in combination with about half calling in and half joining in person. You will be LIVE on the screen, participating.

There are limited spots for the mastermind group.  There will be two mastermind sessions beginning on either October 10th or 11th 2017. Recurring dates will be decided collectively via a Doodle scheduling survey. We will be mindful of the upcoming Holiday season.

For more information and to receive a commitment form, send an e-mail to customercare@zhena.tv

What you will experience:

*Become a cherished member of an intimate writing community

*Gain the confidence of having your target reader give focus-group feedback for your writing

*Witness and learn from the editorial expertise of Zhena through the editing process for other writers—you’ll become a better self-editor through working in the group.

*Learn how to give succinct, impactful editorial feedback–it’s like being a part of an editorial board at a big publishing house.

*Become a member of Zhena’s tribe with exclusive discounts to all of Zhena’s programs, trainings, retreats and events.

*Enjoy the power of accountability and deadlines, and finishing your book!

*Surprises from Zhena, she brings snacks, and other things 😉



“Zhena’s Empowered Author Mastermind awakened my knowingness that my words are worth sharing. Through Zhena’s thoughtful guidance and the wisdom of my fellow “masterminders” I was able to craft a book that I’m proud to say is being published by New World Library! I couldn’t have done it without Zhena’s support and uncanny knowledge of all things books.”

-Bailey Gaddis, author of Feng Shui Mommy 

Joining Zhena’s Empowered Author Mastermind group gave me not only a safe space to share my writing, but the encouragement and confidence to continue to write.  My book is a deeply personal breast cancer journey using intimate photos of my breasts.  I was terrified at first to share, but Zhena and the members of our group gave me constructive feedback in a safe space.  This experience has increased my passion for getting this book out into the world where I hope it inspires and strengthens other breast cancer survivors.


– Holly K. Thrasher, Breast Cancer Survivor and Thriver



How it works:


1. The monthly, 3-4-hour writing workshop is hosted in Ojai and on Zoom.  We try to schedule them on a regularly scheduled day of the week, time slots from 4pm – 7pm.

2.  Zhena will teach and facilitate the mastermind.  You will receive feedback and support on your writing from your fellow writers. If you are still shaping your book, we will spend your slot helping you brainstorm and clarify.

3. You will submit pages of writing the week of your session.  Your pages will be read by Zhena and your group and you will receive feedback on your writing during your session.  We encourage members to record their feedback to refer back to.

4. Page Submission: You will send in 10-12 pages, 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced and numbered pages.  They will be printed out for the group to refer to during your session.

5. Bonus: After facilitating Author Masterminds for two years, Zhena has decided to add a 90-minute monthly group video call where you can interact with all of the masterminds, and ask your “hot button” questions. This will help keep the momentum going midway through the month with added support, inspiration, and time with Zhena and fellow writers.

6. You must commit to a minimum of 6 months. You will have to sign a commitment form, and we will take this seriously 🙂 If you cannot make one of the masterminds sessions, you can send in your pages and we will have the session recorded for you.  You will have access to the content and feedback and you will pay whether you attended or not.

7. You will be charged $147 per month automatically.  We will have a credit card authorization form kept on file.  You can prepay for the 6 months, and receive a 10% discount.

8. Going back and forth via email with our team on your schedule will not be allowed. If you become a pain, you will be asked to leave the in-person mastermind (sorry, we love you).  You will be able to ask questions during your session or during the once monthly call in between your session.

9. Ongoing access: Zhena will give you each a personal, editorial assessment during the mastermind. Any work assignments assigned to you for the month individually should be completed by the next session. We ask that you do not text or email Zhena between sessions. If you’d like private sessions, they can be scheduled separately.

10. We will focus on editorial support—the shaping of your book, the editorial aspects of your writing. This is not a marketing mastermind.  A marketing mastermind will be formed, but this isn’t it. This is a writing mastermind. However, as a person who loves marketing, Zhena will give you tips throughout as it’s in her nature.

11. This will be a very SAFE place for you all to create and share. We will hold space for 100% confidentiality built into the commitment form—we take confidentiality seriously.

Thank-you for committing to your expression and creativity—without writing where would we be? We are blessed to have words to express ourselves. We are fortunate to have dreams. We are the instruments of the muse and the keys to healing many by making our voices heard.


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