Kathryn Budig: The Power of Yoga, and What it Means to “Aim True” in Your Life

Join Yoga superstar Kathryn Budig as she and Zhena discuss the power of yoga, a morning practice, and how to keep your balance.


Filmmaker (What the Bleep Do We Know, Song of a New Earth) Betsy Chasse Shares Her Secrets for Living the Truth

Join Zhena and Betsy as they discuss Betsy’s commitment to be “truthful at all times” and what that meant for her marriage, her kids and her career. By committing to the truth, she found her own brand of happiness and you can too.


Doing and Being: A Conversation in Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work with Barnet Bain

Long before our first job or relationship, we have mostly lost our creative birthright and many don’t even know it – feeling uninspired, stuck, and seeing no solution to our problems. But, it’s really a creativity capacity issue, a problem with CQ, our creativity quotient. That’s why learning to stretch our imaginations beyond outmoded practices is crucial. Barnet and I discuss his ideas and his new book – The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work.


Mark Hinds & Mathew Sanderson, co-founders of Kijini – a new technology that takes the sound of your voice to heal your body, mind and spirit

I sat down for a chat with co-founders of Kijini, Matthew Sanderson and Mark Hinds, to talk frequency, resonance, and voice analysis…Who knew that the high and low points in your recorded voice give clues to the state of your health.


Yoga for Life with Colleen Saidman Yee

As a college dropout surrounded by siblings with Masters and PHDs, Colleen Saidman felt far less than enough. Faced with the challenge of writing a book, she had no idea where to start. She broke through those barriers presenting the world with a gift in her book Yoga for Life. Struggling with facing the fear, Colleen insisted on giving back the advance and not writing the book. But, waking up with renewed strength the next morning Colleen determined to put it out there and wrote for ten hours that day. Colleen knew that if it made a difference for just one person, the pain would be worth it.


Kick your addiction to certainty

As a life coach, business consultant and author, Allison Carmen has developed the simple life philosophy called “Maybe” to help people deal with the uncertainty of life. She has successfully applied the philosophy to help her clients, who range from entrepreneurs to owners of multi-million dollar companies to parents. Allison has witnessed hundreds of people, regardless of present circumstances, who had the courage to step into the realm of Maybe improve their lives. The reason the philosophy of Maybe is so effective is because it continuously offers us more than the one possibility that is causing us stress and keeping us up at night. We all have a choice. We can stew in uncertainty of life, escalating our stress, anxiety and despair. Or we can realize that there may be a way out of the situation, a way forward, or just another way for us to exist in all that lies before us. Maybe is just one change of perspective, but it’s one that changes everything.


The Wisdom of No Criticism in Relationships, and Body Intelligence for Success

Gay Hendricks, author of 35+ books including bestsellers: The Big Leap, and Conscious Loving shares the secrets to his success in marriage, business and creativity. Learn tips for blasting past fear, building your best marriage, and creating more love and fun in your work.


The Diamond Cutter–Principles on wealth, love and living a life of generosity with Geshe Michael Roach

Join Zhena as she explores the Diamond Cutter principles with the author of the international bestselling book on the Buddha and business with Geshe Michael Roach. Learn the power of giving away that which you need: If you want money, give money away. If you want love, give love to others…which plants the seed of what you want, which will bloom and become your life. Michael Roach is an American non-traditional teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.


Kate Otto, author of Everyday Ambassador on how to change the world

If you want to make positive change in the world but confused where to start putting your energy, this podcast will help. Alicia Keys says, “Kate is the ultimate example of how someone can mobilize the spirit, the heart and a true love for mankind to become an Everyday Ambassador.”! What is an Everyday Ambassador? And are you one? Chances are yes!! Join Zhena as she discusses what it means to be a social change maker in the world today with Kate Otto, founder of Everyday Ambassador and author of the eponymous book.


Using Technology as a Spiritual Practice with Mikey Siegel

Can technology be a tool to help us realize a profound sense of peace and wellbeing? Can the devices around us do more than provide information and change behavior? What if our gadgets guided us toward acceptance and balance, independent of circumstance? A life in flow–that’s what Mikey Siegel is out to create. Join us for a conversation about tech, consciousness and hacking–yeah, all at once!