Clear The Decks

Clear the Decks

I once dated a very rich, powerful, and dynamic man who had a lot of women falling over him. He’d fly private, travel the globe, return to our little town, and spoil me with fancy dinners and exotic gifts. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with holistic, creative success and conscious business but bear with me. 😉

I knew I was one of many women, but hey, I was in my early twenties, and didn’t have (as my mom would say) a “pot to piss in,” I was literally dating to eat. Not super empowering I know, but being a broke single mom left me uniquely vulnerable and extremely resourceful. The contrast of his jet set, luxurious life and my scrambling-to-make-rent life was seductive, delicious really. He’d throw parties and stunning women from all over the world would attend. While he feigned disinterest, I’d watch the mating dance shimmy all around him. I thought, “I can never compete with these gorgeous women…”

But then something happened. One day on a hike, he said to me, “Listen, I’ve cleared the decks,” and then, “I’m choosing you.”

Wha?! There I was, the driver of a beat up, three tone Nissan Sentra, owner of only one decent pair of shoes and two whole pairs of pants, fumbling around with a business that hadn’t really taken off yet, in and out of the hospital with my baby boy, and here this sophisticated, wealthy, good-looking man who could choose any number of heiresses, yoga stars, or female CEO’s as his mate was “clearing the decks” for me?

I felt so honored. So, CHOSEN. So happy to be SEEN. The little girl inside me who had always been picked last for kickball simply went nuts! Of course, I played it cool, but then I went about planning his next party, helped him make a breakthrough with one of his businesses, and took on his social calendar to raise his standing in the community. I brought my baby with me on our dates, and set up camp for us in an extra room in his massive home. Needless to say, I practically moved in, and did a LOT for him because he’d “cleared the decks” and picked ME.

I’ll leave the rest to the imagination for now, as the stories are too juicy to give away in one email (and this year’s newsletters will read kind of like romance novels because too much self-help can get boring) but the lesson for this first week of the year is CLEAR THE CREATIVE DECKS for THE ONE. The one writing project, event, program, business or product you want to create…pick it and watch it bloom over the course of the year.

Become its exclusive lover and watch as your muse expands your life in unprecedented ways.

Like me, who rallied around this guy once I knew it was safe to proceed, you need to treat your business, book, and/or other creative project like an exclusive lover. When you CLEAR THE DECKS and get rid of distraction, when you pick “the one” to focus on and give your precious life force to her, then THE ONE can reward you back. And as I jumped in to make this man’s life bliss once I knew we were exclusive, this is how your creativity will feel when you CLEAR THE DECKS for more time to spend with her. Like me, who wanted to serve and please this guy for choosing me, your book, business, project or partner will scramble to serve and please your soul as soon as you decide, clarify, and cut the rest of the extraneous crap from your days, weeks, and months this year to give her your all.

So, how about we CLEAR THE DECKS and claim your one love this year? How about we sweep and store away the projects that are just sort of dancing around us in fancy dresses or flirting with us with no desire to actually seal the deal with us?  How will your memoir, business or partnership feel if it knew it was your One and Only?

Are you ready for The One? Meet me in the comments and tell me all the juicy details. See you there 🙂

With Love and Clarity,

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