Fill Your Brain with Beauty



Get into your happy place. Imagine a garden filled with flowers. Hummingbird? Check. Bees? Check. A gorgeous lover awaiting you with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, check. Tree leaves catching shimmer in late Fall sunshine. Check. You cuddle up with a journal and your favorite pen of all time—finally, to write, reflect, and ponder life’s bigger, more profound questions.

This is the mind of the peaceful. This is the spacious setting of the mystic.

Now, imagine in this beautiful, sacred place there are a dozen or so people yelling—at you. One is named Facebook—he wears blue. One is Twitter, he wears a turquoise golf shirt. One is CNN, in bright red. Another is called Money, obviously he wears green. Then you have Obligation, she’s always in bright pink. Then you’ve got Desire, who is always naked and just out of reach. Of course Guilt arrives wearing black—she’s like, “WTF are you doing writing/dreaming/relaxing when you could be helping so and so or earning money and making yourself USEFUL!” Climate Change arrives with a burnt snack that burns your tongue, she then douses you with rising ocean water. Body Image walks out to you then, demanding you get to the gym or risk getting fat—“oops, too late,” she mocks, snapping a whip.

This is the mind of the modern person. This is what we’re all up against when it comes to our dreams, our creative endeavors, our peace of mind.

What’s the medicine for the modern mind-bending we must endure just to get to the other side of each day?

It is to: Fill Your Brain with Beauty.

How does one fill their brain with beauty on their morning commute?

Listen to a beautiful book on Audible.

Wear your favorite essential oil.

Add shimmer to your hand lotion and watch your hands catch light.

Read and look only for things that carry hope.


How does one fill their brain with beauty at work?

Only look for things you admire about the people you work with.

Seek out virtue in each task.

Repeat mantras as you do your job: I always repeat, “Thank-you, God,” no matter what I’m doing.


How can you fill your brain with beauty when you look in the mirror?

Gaze at yourself the way you gazed at your child for the first time. Or a child you love.

Touch your skin and say, “Thank-you, God.”

Notice the eyes behind your eyes, the effortless presence of your soul awaiting connection.


How can you fill your brain with beauty in each moment?

Make beautiful choices.

Meditate on the Mystery of Breath.

Look for beauty in everything.

Be beautiful to everyone you meet.

Choose beautiful media to absorb.

Write about what you find beautiful in a journal each morning.

Seek beauty in yourself: in each hand gesture, thought and word.

Find that garden within your soul, and invite the loud guests to leave.

Gather your boundaries like you would gather your children. Keep them close.

Initiate creative expression by clearing distractions.

Undress doubt. Marry the Divine.


Life on earth is love in detail.

Look for the most beautiful details with which to fill your mind.


May the beauty you are be all that you do.

You can transform the world in this way.


Meet me in the comments and do tell me what you find beautiful today. We need to generate more of what is good, beautiful, and uplifting now.


With Your Beauty in Mind,

If you have a friend you think would benefit, share if you care!